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The Montezuma School to Farm Project (MSTFP) works within Montezuma County providing programming across three rural  school districts. MSTFP currently works in six different schools providing monthly programming during the school day for all students PreK-5th grade. MSTFP also provides Friday programming in all three school districts for students PreK-8th grade. They provide standards aligned STEM lessons to middle school teachers. These lessons focus specifically on water conservation and local resource management issues. 

During the summer months, MSTFP hosts a crew of paid high school students in collaboration with the Southwest Conservation Corps. They also host high school interns throughput summer, another paid position where the interns get to learn real life, hands of skills in food production. Along with the Executive director and Education Director, a crew of up to seven AmeriCorps service members makes all this possible! 

What is the Montezuma School to Farm Project?

The School to Farm Experience


Garden Explorers is our PreK-5th grade programming, offered in all elementary schools in Montezuma County including our Friday programming which runs from March-June and August-October.


STEM in the Garden are lessons offered to middle school students in Montezuma County. Lessons are standards and aligned and focused on water resilience and resource conservation.


Through a partnership with Southwest Conservation Corps (SCC) we provide paid summer opportunities for students 8th-10th grade. Students build skills and knowledge in food producaiton, nutrition and resource conservation. 

In collaboration with SCC we provide summer high school internships allowing local high school students to expand their confidence in food production and bringing a crop to market. 

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PreK - 5th
Garden Explorers

6th - 8th
STEM Lessons

8th - 11th

H.S Intern

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