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“I like coming out to garden for the flowers and plants because they make me feel happy”                  -  2nd Grader

Established 2021
When the Mancos School District remodel happened in 2018 it caused the original garden site to be dissembled and moved. After construction was completed in 2020 MSTFP began developing garden space south of the Mancos river. In just two growing seasons, the garden is thriving and producing 100's lbs of fresh food for the 

community. We teach roughly 200 students between the Mancos Early Learning Center and Mancos Elementary School. The Pre-K has its own, smaller garden where we teach 20 minutes hands-on lessons based around using your 5 senses in the garden. We also run a popular, four hour Friday garden class in the Mancos Garden, designed to address the academic and social/emotional gap due to the four day school week. 

Middle School Programming

Starting in August 2023, we started a garden program with Mancos Middle School students. It has been a huge success! In the warmer months, 6th-8th grade students helped with garden tasks, such as harvesting, composting, garden clean-up, and watering. In the colder months, the students have been experimenting with their hydroponic tower, creating an experiment to determine the best substrate for growing. See our progress in the photos below. 

Stages of Garden Development






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